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Ford Air Cleaners

Looking for a used ford air cleaner? check out our 8n tractor air cleaner! This unit is in great condition and has few 0oci with it. It has a few marks on it from use but it is still in good condition. The unit works well and has a nice smell. If you're looking for a used air cleaner, this one is a good option.

1955-56 T-bird air cleaner top
Air Cleaner Bowl for Ford New Holland

Air Cleaner Bowl for Ford New Holland

By Complete Tractor

USD $14.99

Deals for Ford Air Cleaners

This is a schematic of a ford air cleaner. It is a 3-in-1 air cleaner that works with air filters and a carburetor to clean the air engine. The filter is threaded and the hose is composed of a copper tube and a brass tube. The copper tube is forced into the brass tube by the filter. The air cleaner has a food-handler grate and a forced air flow.
this is a 1955-56 t-bird air cleaner top. It is made out of plastic and has a white finish. It is infilled with black paint and has a small hole in the top for a key chain. The top is also infilled with red paint.
this is a description for the ford air cleaners. This product is from 1960-1964. It is an assembly point for the 4000 4cyl tractor air cleaner. It is necessary to have the following components in place: a) ford 4000 4cyl tractor air cleaner assembly; and b) the keyhole washers and screws that hold the air cleaner to the tractor. The air cleaner isylors a necessary part of tractor care, and it is important that the air cleaner be in good condition.
the ford air cleaners are a necessary part of tractor care, the keyhole washers and screws that hold the air cleaner to the tractor are necessary to have the air cleaner on correct position. The air cleaner should be on top of the tractor keyhole washers and screws, and the air cleaner should be placed in the keyhole that is slightly off the side of the air cleaner. And the keyhole should be slightly off the side.